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Titan Construction delivers top quality design and engineering services through our in-house facility planners that work with you, and for you, throughout the entire process. We understand that no two projects are alike. That’s why we listen and fully understand your particular needs before we do any work. At Titan Construction, we have the proven capabilities to design and construct your facility to meet your specific aesthetic and functional requirements.


Project Development

Time sensitive execution allows us to save on construction costs and allows you to occupy your facility sooner. Having the Titan engineering and design teams working together under one roof means we can handle everything from site to floor planning and material handling, to the design and installation of plumbing, sprinkler, mechanical, electrical, and utility process systems.


Design/Build Approach

By utilizing our unique “Design/Build” approach, we can provide you with the quickest construction contracting method at the most competitive price. Complete and thorough engineering design provided by our in-house professional engineers and architectural drafting is enhanced by the quality materials we use, and the professional workmanship our crews provide. With our own site, concrete, steel erection, carpentry, fabrication, and industrial maintenance crews you can be sure that you project will be completed on time, and on budget.


Construction Management

Meeting construction timetables for quick building utilization is a vital service that we provide on a consistent basis. Once approved, the engineering design is interfaced within our firm’s construction management department who in turn provide the best available materials and construction services to meet your contract scope. The project is designed affordably, and functionally, while at the same time saving both design and construction time. Our construction management personnel work with suppliers, our own crews, and subcontractors to complete the contract specifications in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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